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Restorative Dentistry in Portland

Rebuild Your Best Smile

Despite our best efforts, dental problems can still crop up from time to time. Whether you’re struggling with a simple cavity or a significant number of missing teeth, Dr. McInnis is here to help you in a comfortable and judgment-free atmosphere. Her restorative dentistry services provide results that are durable and lifelike, and patients can expect to enjoy their revitalized smiles for many more years to come. Don’t wait if you’re in need of help – contact RiverPlace Dental in Portland, OR today to schedule a first appointment!

Dental Crowns

Portland Restorative Dentistry model tooth with dental crown

When teeth aren’t at their best, a custom-made restoration can work wonders in rebuilding your smile’s full strength, function, and confidence. We offer several options depending on the severity of your current condition. For instance, dental crowns (also known as “caps”) are designed to cover a single tooth that has fallen victim to any of the following situations:

The crown has a dual effect, both protecting what remains of the tooth and replenishing its natural, durable shape so that it can be used again without issue. Alternatively, multiple crowns can also make up a dental bridge, which is designed to replace one or more teeth in a consecutive row that are missing entirely. The restoration anchors over healthy teeth on either side of the gap for a secure and lifelike result.

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Dental Bridges

closeup of dental bridge in Portland

A dental bridge is a customized prosthetic designed to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth. Two dental crowns are attached to either side of free-standing replacement teeth, called pontics. These restorations are anchored to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap in your smile for a secure fit. Once in place, you won’t stop admiring your natural-looking and durable results!

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Two women laughing together

Over 90% of the United States population will experience a cavity at one point or another in their lives. Thankfully, correcting this damage can be simple and seamless when our team uses a tooth-colored filling. Tooth-colored fillings are crafted from metal-free composite resin, which comes in several different lifelike shades that can be closely matched to your existing tooth enamel. As a result, you likely won’t even be able to tell where your filling is once it’s securely in place.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, this type of filling has several other advantages when compared to traditional amalgam. Composite resin is much more flexible, which means Dr. McInnis can place smaller fillings that preserve more healthy tooth structure. The lack of metal also means that they won’t be as sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, resulting in a more comfortable mouth feel.

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Root Canals

Pen pointing to dental x-rays

Are you experiencing severe dental sensitivity or even outright pain in a specific tooth? It’s possible that a serious infection is raging inside it. Thankfully, a root canal procedure may be capable of restoring health to the tooth and saving it from permanent extraction. Dr. McInnis will carefully access the inner portion and remove diseased pulp from within, thoroughly cleaning the area before restoring it with a custom-made dental crown. This procedure has a success rate of over 90%, and many treated teeth serve patients well for the rest of their lives!

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Metal forceps holding extracted tooth

It’s definitely not fun, but tooth extraction can become a necessity in certain situations to protect our patients’ health and wellbeing. For instance, Dr. McInnis may recommend it in the following situations:

We’ll always prioritize your comfort throughout this type of procedure, providing nitrous oxide sedation upon request. Additionally, our team will help you get started on the right tooth replacement solution as soon as possible so that you’re not left struggling without a full set of teeth for long.

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